Compare yourself with others.
Compare your appearance with others.
The Unique one can not be compared.
As we are all unique, we are all the same.
The Same can not be compared.

The System want you to remain a comparative object.
You just stay on the seesaw and comfort yourself with the thought of karma.

The swing won’t stop till you die.
Say stop to the person who is pushing you behind.
Are you sad? No one is pushing your back behind you?
Are you crying because you can’t be higher and faster than others?
As time goes by,
No one is behind you. You are kicking you kicking and kicking.
Trying to go further and further. You will feel fly one moment.
And the swing let you fall down. As it is the reason it was made.
This is the system.

You can buy pusher with inked paper or plastic card.
You don’t feel tired anymore.
You’re finally able to enjoy your surrounding. You will.
But you are still on swing. Sickness / nausea

And the system is watching you.
When you try to get off, then they will help you get back on.
But you have to kick again on the swing.
And they are watching you.

Are you still comparing with another human on swing?
Why don’t you compare with a cat?
Then It will be easier to find your own strength.

Get off from the burden of repetition.
Take the moment.
Make freedom be free to each other.

When all The Humans on the earth are free, I will feel freedom for the first time.

Hehe are you still on the swing? Get numbered paper?
Your ego is satisfied with foolish paper?
hehe, soon anxiety hehe soon desperate hehe soon you will be tired.
Are you still destroying the earth?
Do you want to get love from the earth?
Are you having the Earth?
The earth is stronger than you, you never can kill earth.
The Earth will erase human species.
When it gets sick of human’s stupidity.
God controls human with punishment?
Then why do good thing get punishment, bad things get money?
God is upset,babel fell down, so language was made.
All humans start to fight with each others?
Is that god you warship? Put you on the boxing ring and see who will be survive?

They are watching
We could save all starving kids. We chose to use kids to earn more capital.
You’re helping to create psycho world.
Next is you


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